Hey! My name is Heather Britt and I am a photographer based out of Jackson county in Northeast Georgia. I have always been the girl with the camera so it is no big surprise to many of my close family and friends that I chased a dream to become a professional photographer. I was collecting postcards and antique photos as a kid just for the beauty of the photo and the story that could be told with them. I loved the curiosity and beauty of it all. When I got a little older every time I went out with friends or walked around the halls of my high school I was always snapping photos. Even when some friends may have not wanted their photo taken that day they definitely look back and laugh and love having them now. As I grew up my passion turned into growing a wonderful family with my amazing husband. He bought me my first real camera after the birth of our first son. I have never turned back. I started photographing everything possible and with time grew and loved what I was doing more and more. By the birth of our second and then third son I was feeling so blessed by God to have this talent and to be able to share it with others. To join families capturing the beauty they were making as well is a beautiful thing.  Not only is photography my passion, as you can tell, but also the family element. I absolutely love watching families grow! The joy of pregnancy, the raw beauty and strength of childbirth and the real emotions of embracing a newborn for the first time. If you’re looking to work with a patient down to earth momma I am your choice. Feel free to message me with any questions regarding capturing your growing belly, birth, newborn and, amazing family.

I love college football.

I love the color blue.

I am a total boy mom.

I love to travel and try new foods.



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