Northeast Georgia Births {Teaming up with Birth Plus}

I am beyond excited to announce I am teaming up with Birth Plus, out of Gainesville GA. This excitement is in part to the fact that for the birth of my third child Anisha was my personal doula. She was amazing for the speedy at home birth of our surprise gender baby, a boy. Yep we have three amazing little boys. I invested years educating myself on the child birth process and the actual delivery. Even with all my knowledge and my great husband once the time came and labor kicked up way faster than expected knowledge somewhat escaped me and I needed a voice. I was beyond the point of speaking for myself through labor so once Anisha arrived it was as though she calmed the room with her presence and knew all the right questions to ask and things to do to help me and my husband. The birth of our third was amazing and, not that I didn’t enjoy the other two births as well but this one will always stand out. It truly was a humbling and amazing miracle process that I am super proud of. I want to work with Anisha and several other great ladies with the same passion as me to help moms in the north Georgia area bring their dream birth experience to life and to educate moms and dads. No matter home birth, birth center or hospital. No matter vaginal, vbac or c-section all women deserve a wonderful experience for bringing a new life into this world. So if you are looking for a doula, postpartum doula, birth photographer (ME!), birth education classes or placenta encapsulation contact myself or any of these wonderful ladies today. Bundle services for discounts are also offered. Message me asap to plan your special day and don’t forget to check out for more details. Also do not forget to check out all the wonderful birth and newborn photos in my portfolio.

Birth Plus Team

Northeast Georgia Births

As always do not forget to follow me on Facebook for more info and current specials at If you are due in 2015 and 2016 now is the time to lock in some amazing rates!

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